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Keeping your Computer Spick and Span

            Your beloved computers started as simple calculators. Initially providing answers to simple multiplication problems then to more complicated equations. As time passed by, computers improved providing you a lot of uses; from giving the entertainment and personal satisfaction that you want, to providing you easier methods controlling your businesses. Computers provide an almost unlimited space to save pictures, videos and different files varying from technical to sentimental values. Your beloved computers give you the easy life that you want. Would you want it to be easily erased?

            As the world progresses, technology advances too; helping you to be more suited to easy living. The internet provides all sorts of services and information, making it a part of your daily life. You need to almost always use the internet to get what you need. But the internet is also a minefield of unwanted programs that could easily break down your computers, stripping you of your once happy lifestyle.

            When you go on the internet, surfing and utilizing it for all purposes, you become exposed to all kinds of threats. Websites sometimes include in their scripts some codes that would make your computer vulnerable to powerful mines just waiting to explode. These mines compose of viruses, spyware and bugs.
            Viruses are programs created to cause your computers either to break down, delete files or be used for larger purposes that benefit the creator. These programs usually install themselves on the CPU’s hard drive waiting for a “go signal” to do its work. The go signal could vary from every virus, from the number of clicks, initiation of a program or the typing of a keyword and many others. Only one thing is common among them, they strive to make your computer crash, making you dish out a large sum of money to regain your beloved computer. Isn’t that frustrating?

Spyware, abbreviation of malicious software, on the other hand deceives internet surfers by being a useful utility tricking you into downloading them. Sometimes, spyware would be riding on other useful downloadable programs giving you the program you wanted, but comes with a price. They exploit your internet habits to its authors and floods your computer screen with a lot of advertisements, hoping to catch your attention and coerce you into buying their products. They disrupt your activities and cost you a lot of time and even money. Spyware, when installed could dig your data archives for your bank and credit card accounts suck up your money and leave you penniless.

Bugs on the other hand are made in the programming side of softwares. They are mistakes in the codes and scripts giving all kinds of inconvenience to the user.
How do you prevent these?

The internet, aside from being a minefield for all kinds of inconveniencies is also a fount for countermeasures against mines. Buying an Anti-virus software and installing it in your computer guarantees you stricter security for monitoring the different processes inside your computer, giving you warnings if a certain file or process is malicious or not. It also gives you an effective disinfectant to kill these viruses, spyware and bugs. Relieving you of your worries and assures you of a more convenient ride on the internet, saving your beloved computer from being maltreated by other people. Have your computer spick and span now!

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